Health Care 


Due to a poor monsoon, and so  many  other children in desperately poor villages  in India are malnourished. And protein rich meals daily  can do so much to restore health as part of our health care program

​What is the problem,  
Despite the government's best efforts and India's economic boom in the villages of India   malnutrition amongst children is surprisingly high.The World Bank estimates that India is ranked 2nd in the world of the number of children suffering from malnutrition, after Bangladesh, where 47% of the children exhibit a degree of malnutrition. The prevalence of underweight children in India is among the highest in the world.

​How will we solve this problem?

We can not save the world however we can save all that we can with your help and support . It is remarkable what effect of daily  highly nutritious meals daily can have on all the malnourished children in the  village.

​Long Term Impact
As part of a long term preventative health care programme in the  local community and village our health care workers  will give  nutritious meal and clean water that will make  an immediate difference to children's health.

​Project Message
There is no doctor in our village and the nearest hospital is miles away.

The reality currently is that the children will die if you suffer a serious injury 

that is the current reality 

 We are going to change all that we are going to have modern medical facilitys that can save a childs life